J. Steve Mostyn

J. Steve Mostyn


A native of Whitehouse – a small town in East Texas – Steve Mostyn graduated in 1996 from South Texas College of Law, and in 1997 began his legal career. He quickly became a partner in a Houston, Texas law firm, but soon decided he could become a stronger advocate for people’s rights by creating a uniquely different Texas law firm.

After more than a decade fighting – and winning – for clients across Texas, Steve decided it was time to expand Mostyn Law’s focus to advocating for average people who have been wronged by corporate negligence and wrongdoing across the country. Today, Steve leads Mostyn Law’s team of experienced attorneys and professional staff as they fight for clients who have been victims of negligence, bad faith, or other wrongdoing by medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and more.

Steve’s vision was to create a Texas law firm willing to fight aggressively to level the playing field against multi-national corporations and insurers who often were getting away unchallenged as they treated their own clients unfairly or in bad faith. Mr. Mostyn has handled tens of thousands of first party insurance claims in the past several years, all of which have settled or tried with most resulting in extra-contractual damages.

Steve and Amber Mostyn live in Houston, Texas, with their two children. They are the proud founders and supporters of The Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E. Moreno Educational Foundation. The Mostyn Moreno Foundation supports and operates programs and collaborative efforts across Texas that serve to encourage the abilities of children with special needs.