We exist to help our clients and we are proud of our exceptional track record. There is no better way to tell our story than through their words. Please see below to learn more about who we are and how we fight for our clients.

Bill Wooten

Bill Wooten

David and Cecile Pete

David and Cecile Pete

Mark and Melody Edwards

Mark and Melody Edwards

Rita and John Longoria

Rita and John Longoria

Tommie Williams

Tommie Williams

It is my pleasure to be a client of the Mostyn Law firm. It is my considered opinion that their staff, especially Kenyatta Thomas Davis, is one of the best available. I look forward to hearing a welcomed resolve to my litigation.


I write to you based on the exemplary service provided to me by one of your staff members. 
I spoke with Cynthia Seeberger with regard to the status of my class action suit against Coloplast. Cynthia is quite an asset to your firm since she spent time explaining to me about Coloplast’s legal fight against women like me who have the mesh implant and the problems they have caused me.

God, bless you and yours.

Victoria Morel

Thank you. With sincere gratitude for your kindness.

I wanted to write a note of thanks, for all the patience you had with this 74-year-old woman! Me – 75 in 5 months! I am not used to doing something like this, I’ve just got done within last couple of weeks.  I’m thinking us elderly woman really need a legal advisor; if there is such a thing. For ladies that are on their own cause of choice, and or loss of spouse.

Everything you and your staff did, paperwork, to phone calls. I may have been the hardest to deal with? But, I am praying now for all of you, and at Pulaski law. Steve, and I hope you can pass this thank you along to him, and his team of workers. Very neat and very well organized.  I hope all efforts for both law firms work for good. I will continue to pray for all.

Gail Pettigrew

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for… the evidence of things not seen.”

My faith has sustained me in difficult times, and God has definitely put The Mostyn Law Firm in mine and my family’s lives to restore what we have been blessed with to care for our family. I will be forever grateful to the Mostyn Law Firm for stepping in to save my business and home after hurricanes and bad faith situations of which we had no control.

Steve Mostyn, Mark Sparks, Michael Downy, Kelly Showers, and Greg Cox have gone above and beyond to help restore and compensate for all of the damage, losses, discomforts and hurts endured after the hurricanes and with a dishonest mortgage company.

I firmly believe God sends angels to protect and care for those who are wronged and I definitely feel that Mostyn Law Firm have been those angels over and over again for me and my family.

I have been blessed to be in business 35 years and possibly would have had to close and possibly would have lost my home without the help of the Mostyn Law Firm!

I can sincerely say “I love the Mostyn Law Firm!”. They are real people who really care!

My precious son once wrote, “When I think of special people who have made a difference in my life- I think of you Mom!”

When I think of Special People who have made a difference in my life – I think of the Mostyn Law Firm! They have ALWAYS been there for us!!

Nancy McFarlin & Family, McFarlin Fowers, Nederland, TEXAS

My three young grandchildren and I were represented by Mark Sparks of the Mostyn Law Firm in an extremely complicated personal injury litigation which involved two separate car wrecks within an 8 month period which caused very serious spinal injuries.  Mark and his litigation team took on four defense attorneys and, after settling with one defendant, he brought the other three to trial in February of 2015 in Jefferson County, Texas. His charisma in the courtroom, sense of integrity and professionalism was something I will not soon forget. Through his expertise and meticulous case strategy, Mark was able to ensure that the defense’s only expert witness was struck from testifying by the Court.  Mark and his litigation team were not only prepared, professional but also extremely compassionate to me and my grandchildren.  It was impressive to watch them in the courtroom.  Mark’s superior knowledge of the legal system and personal injury law ultimately lead us to a jury verdict that far exceeded my expectations and absolutely stunned the defense counsel.  I am very proud to say that, in the near future, my verdict will be featured in Texas Lawyer Magazine as one of the top 100 verdicts in the state for 2015.

I cannot express enough how fortunate I was to have Mark Sparks and the Mostyn Law Firm represent me and my grandchildren.  I would not hesitate to contact them in the future for legal representation.

Lisa Chapman

I am writing to you to express my sincere gratitude in helping resolve my case. It was by far the most difficult thing losing my home from hurricane Sandy, with life turned upside down literally overnight. The challenge to rebuild and get life back to normal were overwhelming enough, adding to that the issues with the insurance companies and navigating through a system that could not and would not help seemed hopeless. Calling upon your firm was the best decision I made during the whole ordeal; your staff went above and beyond in every aspect. Resolving the matter and keeping true to your word are only part of the great experience I had with your firm and your staff. Litigation of any type is a long process that many feel when they are in it, has no end, and I certainly felt that way myself.  The fact that regardless of when or how often I called for information, my calls were accepted and returned immediately were priceless and I would like to note a special thank you to Mike burns, who was handling me throughout this process, calling me with any update he had, any day of the week, and letting me know it was being handled and that I was not alone in this fight.

Anthony Morello, Lindenhurst, NY

Cuando sucedió el Huracán del 2008, hubieron muchos daños en mi casa. Yo llamé a mi aseguranza pero no me respondieron como debían. Así que decidí contactar a la firma de abogados. Ellos me asesoraron perfectamente. Me trataron excelente y pelearon por mi casa y después de un tiempo lograron ganar mi caso. Hoy mi caso está resuelto y gracias a ellos mi casa será reparada… Se los agradezco mucho…

Alba Fuentes, Texas

This letter is to inform you how much my family and I appreciate the way your firm handled both of our claims.  We most definitely want to point out that we are extremely happy about how your whole staff showed us courtesy and respect. We felt at home from the moment we walked in to your office. Having been under a lot of stress, your staff informed us to leave the worries in your hands and that’s exactly what I did. I am very impressed by your professionalism and the personal involvement your staff showed us. I highly recommend Mostyn Law Firm to anyone. Your firm is very professional and a good team to have on your side on a legal matter. Feel free to show this letter to future clients. I never recommend anyone unless the firm earns it by demonstrating it by their merits. On behalf of my family and I Thank you very much!  Your firm is outstanding!

Luis and Magdalena Caltzontzint, Pearland, Texas

We just wanted to express our sincerest thank you for all your attention to our case. The insurance company completely ignored us after Hurricane Ike damaged our home, but thanks to Mostyn Law Firm, we will hopefully have our house back in order and fully functional and safe for the most important things in our lives, our two beautiful daughters. Thank you again for all your help and the wonderful success!

Kathy Lanza, Humble, Texas

I knew I needed help after Hurricane Ike to get a fair amount of money for my losses, but I did not know the best way to go about getting this help. Then one day I saw a Mostyn Law Firm commercial on TV and decided right then to give them a call. They set a convenient time for me to come by and share my story with them. My call was several months after the disaster. I thought it was too late, but they assured me it wasn’t. So I came in and told them my story and gave them my insurance policy and all other claim correspondence I had. That was it. After this they took care of everything. No more hassling with claim adjusters or insurance secretaries. The Mostyn Law Firm services are prompt, friendly and caring. But here’s the best part. Through mediation they got me so much more money than my insurance company ever offered to pay me before. It was so much more than I ever dreamed they would have to pay. I’m now so happy and satisfied. I’m elated with the Mostyn Law Firm. God Bless You!

Linda Prescott, Houston, Texas

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