Personal Property Sheet

Personal Property Sheet

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Documenting All Flood Damaged Personal Property

If your home has experienced flood damage, it is important to document properly all personal items damaged by rising water.  This documentation is critical information to provide to your flood insurance adjuster to support your claim. To get this process started, you will need to itemize your damaged personal property in each room that you believe sustained flood damage.

The spreadsheet provided on our website separates each room with tabs (so make sure to click through all tabs), and it’s helpful for people who want to go ahead and get started.  You can click through each room, and fill in the description of the items you lost, and just delete any of the items that do not apply to your loss.   The National Flood Insurance Program requires you to provide this type of inventory.  Even if you don’t have flood insurance, this is a useful tool to use because it will be required should you apply for FEMA assistance, HUD grants, SBA loans, and/or other disaster relief programs.”

Click here to open the Personal Property Spreadsheet