Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Mostyn Law is a truly unique law firm, sharply focused on advocating for people’s rights. We aggressively level the playing field and if you partner with us, you benefit through:

Cost Effectiveness: Save money and time by letting us do the heavy lifting. Mostyn Law has invested millions in state of the art technology, like servers and software for in-house e-discovery document review and storage, and online client portals to keep clients updated on case status.

Experience: Handling thousands of our own cases, we have honed the skills and developed the know-how to win. Mostyn Law has served and continues to serve as Liaison Counsel or Steering Committee Counsel in more than 10 Multi-District Litigation Courts and Consolidated Actions.

Resources: Mostyn Law prides itself on being able to handle any size litigation. Our investment in technology and infrastructure creates savings and improves results – we avoid outsourcing time-sensitive or detail-intensive work and by doing so we get better and faster results.

Join our Team.  Let us help you fight aggressively for your clients.  We offer competitive referral rates, and we get the best result possible in every case.   Whether you have one case or one hundred cases to refer, please give us a call today at (800) 400-4000 or fill out our Case Referral Evaluation Form and someone will contact you within 24 hours – 48 hours.  By working together from start to finish, we can succeed together.

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