I am writing to you to express my sincere gratitude in helping resolve my case. It was by far the most difficult thing losing my home from hurricane Sandy, with life turned upside down literally overnight. The challenge to rebuild and get life back to normal were overwhelming enough, adding to that the issues with the insurance companies and navigating through a system that could not and would not help seemed hopeless. Calling upon your firm was the best decision I made during the whole ordeal; your staff went above and beyond in every aspect. Resolving the matter and keeping true to your word are only part of the great experience I had with your firm and your staff. Litigation of any type is a long process that many feel when they are in it, has no end, and I certainly felt that way myself.  The fact that regardless of when or how often I called for information, my calls were accepted and returned immediately were priceless and I would like to note a special thank you to Mike burns, who was handling me throughout this process, calling me with any update he had, any day of the week, and letting me know it was being handled and that I was not alone in this fight.


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