My three young grandchildren and I were represented by Mark Sparks of the Mostyn Law Firm in an extremely complicated personal injury litigation which involved two separate car wrecks within an 8 month period which caused very serious spinal injuries.  Mark and his litigation team took on four defense attorneys and, after settling with one defendant, he brought the other three to trial in February of 2015 in Jefferson County, Texas. His charisma in the courtroom, sense of integrity and professionalism was something I will not soon forget. Through his expertise and meticulous case strategy, Mark was able to ensure that the defense’s only expert witness was struck from testifying by the Court.  Mark and his litigation team were not only prepared, professional but also extremely compassionate to me and my grandchildren.  It was impressive to watch them in the courtroom.  Mark’s superior knowledge of the legal system and personal injury law ultimately lead us to a jury verdict that far exceeded my expectations and absolutely stunned the defense counsel.  I am very proud to say that, in the near future, my verdict will be featured in Texas Lawyer Magazine as one of the top 100 verdicts in the state for 2015.

I cannot express enough how fortunate I was to have Mark Sparks and the Mostyn Law Firm represent me and my grandchildren.  I would not hesitate to contact them in the future for legal representation.


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