“Faith is the substance of things hoped for… the evidence of things not seen.”

My faith has sustained me in difficult times, and God has definitely put The Mostyn Law Firm in mine and my family’s lives to restore what we have been blessed with to care for our family. I will be forever grateful to the Mostyn Law Firm for stepping in to save my business and home after hurricanes and bad faith situations of which we had no control.

Steve Mostyn, Mark Sparks, Michael Downy, Kelly Showers, and Greg Cox have gone above and beyond to help restore and compensate for all of the damage, losses, discomforts and hurts endured after the hurricanes and with a dishonest mortgage company.

I firmly believe God sends angels to protect and care for those who are wronged and I definitely feel that Mostyn Law Firm have been those angels over and over again for me and my family.

I have been blessed to be in business 35 years and possibly would have had to close and possibly would have lost my home without the help of the Mostyn Law Firm!

I can sincerely say “I love the Mostyn Law Firm!”. They are real people who really care!

My precious son once wrote, “When I think of special people who have made a difference in my life- I think of you Mom!”

When I think of Special People who have made a difference in my life – I think of the Mostyn Law Firm! They have ALWAYS been there for us!!


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