Thank you. With sincere gratitude for your kindness.

I wanted to write a note of thanks, for all the patience you had with this 74-year-old woman! Me – 75 in 5 months! I am not used to doing something like this, I’ve just got done within last couple of weeks.  I’m thinking us elderly woman really need a legal advisor; if there is such a thing. For ladies that are on their own cause of choice, and or loss of spouse.

Everything you and your staff did, paperwork, to phone calls. I may have been the hardest to deal with? But, I am praying now for all of you, and at Pulaski law. Steve, and I hope you can pass this thank you along to him, and his team of workers. Very neat and very well organized.  I hope all efforts for both law firms work for good. I will continue to pray for all.


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