I knew I needed help after Hurricane Ike to get a fair amount of money for my losses, but I did not know the best way to go about getting this help. Then one day I saw a Mostyn Law Firm commercial on TV and decided right then to give them a call. They set a convenient time for me to come by and share my story with them. My call was several months after the disaster. I thought it was too late, but they assured me it wasn’t. So I came in and told them my story and gave them my insurance policy and all other claim correspondence I had. That was it. After this they took care of everything. No more hassling with claim adjusters or insurance secretaries. The Mostyn Law Firm services are prompt, friendly and caring. But here’s the best part. Through mediation they got me so much more money than my insurance company ever offered to pay me before. It was so much more than I ever dreamed they would have to pay. I’m now so happy and satisfied. I’m elated with the Mostyn Law Firm. God Bless You!


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