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Has hurricane damage hurt your church?

Hurricanes ravage churches just as much as homes and other property. If your church has been damaged because of physical damage, power outages, or something else, we can help you navigate your insurance coverage. We fight aggressively for churches to make sure they get what they deserve and help navigate losses unique to churches as they undertake the rebuilding process.

Commercial insurance claims are complex and mistakes are often made that may result in many thousands of lost dollars to your church. We want to help you avoid these mistakes and we will fight aggressively to help you get all the money your congregation deserves so your church can continue its mission. Sign up here for a free confidential case reviewto see if we can help your church.

We have helped thousands of Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Rita, and Hurricane Humberto victims who felt they were treated unfairly and in bad faith by their insurer. Providing this help has given us incredible experience and knowledge of the complex policy provisions, standard operating procedures, and corporate policy nuances of the majority of large insurance carriers operating in the State of Texas. Listen to one of our clients discuss how we helped his church.

If you simply cannot get a fair offer for your damages, as so many churches experienced with Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Humberto, we are here for you to take the actions you need to protect your rights and to help settle any dispute you may have.

One last thing — we generally work on a “contingent fee basis” which means no fees or cost to you unless we successfully resolve your case. Please click here to read more.

Sign up now for a free confidential case review or give us a call at 1-800-400-4000.

We will:

  1. Help you evaluate the specific types of coverage for which your church is insured, contents, loss of donations, relocation expenses, payroll, and/or other unexpected expenses to cover such things as rent on temporary space, expenses to re-open the church, etc.
  2. Walk you through how to make a claim
  3. Guide you through the need to make temporary repairs and mitigate damages
  4. Help you make a complete inventory of destroyed contents, fixtures, and products
  5. Send a professional team to investigate your loss including engineers and contractors when appropriate
  6. Assist you in properly documenting your loss, including tracking and recovering extra expenses, if applicable
  7. Make sure you get paid for what you are due, including retaining forensic accountants to assess, evaluate and document your losses when appropriate
  8. Make sure your claim is properly processed and investigated and that you are timely paid under the Texas Insurance Code guidelines
  9. Advise you on your rights and remedies, including the value of a lawyer and recovery of attorneys fees and additional damages at no additional cost to you