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Chrysler Recalls 111,700 Grand Cherokees

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A Mostyn Law client suffered third degree burns and had to spend months in the hospital because the seat warmers on his new Jeep Grand Cherokee reached scalding temperatures. Because he was a paraplegic he only noticed the problem when he smelled something burning. His hospital bills topped $900,000 and he had to receive several skin grafts.

Mostyn Law worked with experts who tested the electric seat heaters in 2003 and 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees. Their scientific testing showed the seat heaters were a fire hazard that could reach up to 165 degrees and cause severe injury to passengers.

Mostyn Law worked diligently throughout the process to expose the dangers associated with the seat warmers. By discovering critical forensic evidence and thoroughly examining documents, Mostyn Law was able to successfully resolve the severe burn litigation for our client. The Chrysler Group recalled 111,700 Grand Cherokees to replace their seat warmers.