Major Cases

Hurricane Litigation

Ike. Rita. Dolly.

Three hurricanes that devastated the Texas Coast. From Houston to Beaumont, and Galveston to the Rio Grande Valley – countless homes, businesses, churches, schools, and government office buildings were damaged by these windstorms.

But time and again insurance companies wrongly denied, delayed, and underpaid legitimate hurricane claims. That’s when Mostyn Law got to work.

In courthouses in Galveston and the Rio Grande Valley, and in the state capitol in Austin, we revealed tens of thousands of instances of insurance company misconduct. Our team of lawyers and investigators spent thousand of hours reviewing millions of pages of documents, emails, and internal insurance company memos. And our engineers and experts proved that insurance companies had denied, delayed, and underpaid billions of dollars in covered claims.

We fought the insurance companies and we won. Our work on behalf of hurricane victims has been covered by the New York Times, the Houston Chronicle, ABC News, and more. And evidence we uncovered led to a criminal investigation of one major national insurance company and a US Department of Justice investigation of another.

But most importantly, we’re proud of the results we delivered for our clients. Two years after Hurricane Ike, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) paid $189 million dollars to 2,400 families whose homes were completely destroyed by the storm. Years later, TWIA agreed to a second settlement of $135 million dollars to settle 1,200 additional claims. And our firm settled tens of thousands of other individual hurricane claims.

It wasn’t easy recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in wrongfully denied insurance proceeds for our clients on the Texas coast whose lives were devastated. But Mostyn Law believed they were entitled to the money they needed to rebuild their homes and their lives and we fought hard to secure it for them. We’ll fight for you with the same tenacity that we fought for them so you too can have the justice you deserve.

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