Two Years After the Storm

September 20, 2019

Two Years After the Storm

Two years ago today, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. Our law firm family watched the devastation from afar. Two of our Mostyn Law employees call Puerto Rico home, and they both had family members affected by the storm. Within weeks after the hurricane, we felt compelled to do something. We started to mobilize. We are experienced in storm litigation. We’ve handled thousands of hurricane cases across the country, and we knew we could help Puerto Rico. The slow response from our government and insurance companies in Puerto Rico was infuriating and we were ready to fight. We joined forces with local attorney Osvaldo Carlo, and we got to work. Our first order of business was to help legislatures reform the insurance laws in Puerto Rico to be more favorable to homeowners and business owners. Three new statutes were signed into law on November 27, 2018 giving us the ability to hold insurance companies accountable to their policyholders. Now, two years after Maria, we are representing hundreds of homeowners and business owners on their claims for property damage caused by Hurricane Maria. We are committed to helping rebuild Puerto Rico – one case at a time.

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