Team Mostyn Law Bikes to Create a World Free of MS

In April of this year, Team Mostyn Law participated in another successful MS 150! Early on Saturday, April 29th, the team arrived at Rhodes Stadium in Katy to prepare for the long ride ahead. Hundreds of cyclists in technicolor spandex crowded into the starting area as loudspeakers blared. Gray clouds filled the sky. A stiff wind blew through the early morning air.

Around 6:45 a.m., the riders started rolling out. After about 30 minutes, once most of them had passed by, Team Mostyn Law stretched and posed for an official team picture then headed to the start line to embark on a day full of joy and hard work!

More than 100 MS-150 rides are held each year in different U.S. cities. The BP MS 150 from Houston to Austin, is the biggest at about 13,000 people. And it’s the most successful at raising money for the MS Society – projected to raise $15 million in 2017. Since the first ride in 1985, the BP MS 150 has raised $185 million.

While 13,000 people ride the BP MS 150, another 3,000 volunteer over the weekend. They drive rescue vehicles and man rest stops handing out orange slices, water, pretzels, bananas, cookies, and even pickles to keep the riders fueled up. They provide security at the Saturday camp in La Grange. They operate medical facilities. They repair flat tires. Volunteers make the BP MS 150 happen!

As many of our new Team Mostyn Law riders learned, the BP MS 150 is 180 miles from Houston to Austin! The MS 150 may be 150 miles in other cities, but everything must be bigger in Texas. We pedaled over hills that seemed like mountains going up and molehills coming down. Meeting amazing people and hearing their heartrending stories – why they ride the BP MS 150 – makes it all fly by.

Lunch at Bellville
Sometime before noon, Team Mostyn Law entered the fairgrounds at Bellville and headed to the team tent. The riders enjoyed a comfortable, delicious lunch, cold wash cloths, sunscreen, some bike repair items, cell phone chargers, and first aid kits available if needed.

Fayetteville Bubble Bistro is the best day one stop ever!

The Bubble Bistro is a tent set up specifically for people living with multiple sclerosis at the Finish Line in Day Two. Here, they can cheer on the riders who have raised money to help support people with MS and find a cure. In 2016, Day Two and the Finish Line of the MS 150 were canceled due to stormy weather in Austin. The Bubble Bistro was moved from the Finish Line to Fayetteville, and it turned out to be a great decision. “We love how riders living with MS stop and cheer other riders. It’s heartwarming to see how people directly affected by the rider’s efforts show their appreciation” said Leigh-Anne Kindred, Team Mostyn Law’s event coordinator.

2016 was so successful, Mostyn Law asked the organizers of the MS 150 if we could add a second Bubble Bistro to the 2017 ride so that we could continue the new tradition in Fayetteville. We partnered with the Fayetteville community and they have been welcoming. Several of the stores joined us and supplied items. The ART studio had a spin art station set up for the kids. We had a photo booth where riders took fun pictures and a signature wall where riders wrote messages. Riders received cookies and snow cones!

End of Day One at Los Pines Resort

Crossing the finish line on the first day at La Grange signals the start of our experience at Los Pines Resort. Team Mostyn Law met at Back Porch BBQ, just a few blocks from the finish line. Mostyn Law’s amazing volunteers greet the riders with drinks, snacks, and a comfortable place to sit while waiting on a shuttle to take them to Lost Pines.

Once at Los Pines, the Mostyn Law riders showered and rested before dinner. Char, our famous massage therapist, worked out everyone’s sore muscles with mini massages. While carbo loading on Italian food, Team Mostyn Law discussed its objectives, fundraising totals and the plans for Day Two. Many riders again shared why they ride, including Amber Mostyn, who rides with MS, but rides for her family, raising money to find a cure.

Putting on a happy face

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system. About 400,000 Americans have it. Amber Mostyn has it. The thing about multiple sclerosis is, it’s not a sticker that victims wear on their chest. I couldn’t tell Amber had it until I became more involved with the firm and watched last year’s video of the ride. And I was even more impressed when I learned she’s completed this event 8 consecutive times.

Fundraising Titans

Each MS 150 rider pledges to raise at least $400 for the MS Society. But Team Mostyn Law riders pledge to raise $1,000.00. They averaged $1,850.00 each and we are on our way to meet team goal of $30,000.00 by the end of July 2017.

Where does the money go? It goes to supporting research, programs, and services for MS victims and their families. Does the money work? Two decades ago, multiple sclerosis was untreatable. Now ten “disease modifying therapies” are approved by the Federal Drug Administration to help MS victims.

Day Two – Cool morning ride starts in Bastrop

Team Mostyn Law was treated to a hearty breakfast of sausage biscuits, an omelet station, as well as pastries and yogurt. A couple of our strong riders (Charles and Archie) chose to go back to La Grange and ride the “challenge route.” The rest of the team rode the shuttle from Los Pines to Bastrop where we started Day Two as a group. The weather was perfect and we rode together as a team for most of the route, taking turns drafting to save energy in the gusty Hill Country.

Slow and steady towards the finish line

The BP MS 150 is a ride, not a race. Good thing, because we are not a fast team. The BP MS 150 is such an amazing event. It’s mind-blowing how many people ride or volunteer or donate. When I stand at the finish line in Austin, it’s overwhelming. I was moved to tears on my first ride. I am so grateful to all the riders and volunteers who are fighting together with Team Mostyn Law to create a world free of MS.