Mostyn Law Hosts Marrow Donor Registry Drive

May 17, 2016

Mostyn Law Hosts Marrow Donor Registry Drive

In support of Mostyn Law Attorney Rene Sigman’s son, Mostyn Law is hosting a Marrow Donor Registry Drive Wednesday May 18th, 9AM-3PM at our office located at 3810 W. Alabama St. Come out and show your support for Blake and all cancer patients who need lifesaving transplants.

Patients need you! For thousands with blood cancers like Leukemia or other diseases like Sickle Cell Anemia, a marrow transplant is their only hope for life.  If you have a diverse ancestry, patents especially need you! They are more likely to match with someone who shares their heritage.

Like so many others, Blake must have a transplant to give him the best chance of beating cancer. Who could be the best match?  Healthy people ages 18-44. That is why Be The Match does not charge to test this age group.  However, every test kit is $100.  If you can’t be tested please consider making a donation to keep drives like Blake’s going.

Book your time slot today by calling the office at (800) 400-4000! The test is a simple swab of the mouth and a questionnaire that lets Be The Match know who you are. Come prepared! You need to know what your genetic makeup is!  Maybe you’re a lot like Blake who is German, English and Persian.

Can’t make the drive? Go to and enter Blake’s code: GCMDPCN

You also visit to see a list of all health requirements to donate.