Mostyn Statement on FEMA Reopening All Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

March 12, 2015

Mostyn Statement on FEMA Reopening All Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

AUSTIN (March 12, 2015) — This week, as a result of the investigative work of Mostyn Law and continued fallout from the 60 Minutes exposé on Hurricane Sandy fraud, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has agreed to reopen all 144,000 insurance claims that resulted from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. In response to this action Steve Mostyn issued the following statement:

“We are pleased that FEMA has acknowledged the significant and widespread fraud that was perpetrated against Hurricane Sandy victims, and has agreed to take a fresh look at all 144,000 insurance claims that resulted from the storm.

“Victims who suffer from a natural disaster like Superstorm Sandy should not again be victimized by insurance companies and the federal agency overseeing them. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when insurance companies who administered the National Flood Insurance Program shortchanged consumers, denied claims and even faked engineering reports to avoid paying homeowners what they were rightfully owed. However, by agreeing to reopen every flood claim and look into all methods of underpayment, FEMA is attempting to right that egregious wrong.

“We look forward to continuing to negotiate with FEMA on a path forward so that all citizens impacted by this fraud can seek restitution and be made whole. It is imperative that the process be swift, fair and orderly, and include a victims’ advocate to help begin to repair public trust and integrity. We are thus far impressed with the good faith efforts made by FEMA during negotiations to date.”

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