Allowing a Thorough Inspection Can Prevent Claim Issues Later

Allowing a Thorough Inspection Can Prevent Claim Issues Later

The home insurance claims process can be difficult to navigate. When your home is damaged in a storm, taking the proper actions in every step of the claims process will help you, the homeowner, avoid problems later.

Although a homeowner has the right to refuse an inspection of any part of your property, refusing full access could limit your ability to recover money for damages in those areas later, especially if your claim goes into litigation. For instance, if your roof was damaged during a hail or windstorm, it is important that the adjuster inspect the interior of your home and attic to identify any areas of water intrusion through the roof. Even if you have not noticed damage inside your home, you may not be aware of hidden damage behind walls or in your attic.

We encourage homeowners to allow insurance adjusters’ full access of both the interior and exterior spaces of their property. Full access allows for hidden damages to be discovered earlier thus preventing further damages to your property.

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