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Emails show ‘culture of racism’ at Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, lawyer says
While poring through an ocean of legal documents, a Houston-based trial lawyer stumbled upon several emails to and from employees of Texas Windstorm Insurance Association that disparaged Hispanics, Arabs and African-Americans, often using racist language.

Lawyer Steve Mostyn, who is representing the Brownsville Independent School District in a case over unpaid claims, found the racist and hateful emails among nearly a million other documents from the often-maligned Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, or TWIA, that he obtained through the discovery process in the case... read more

The Real Reason Behind Your Rate Hike!‏
State Representative Larry Taylor and I agree on one thing - TWIA has paid out too much money in lawsuits. As a Texas trial lawyer, I have represented thousands of families, businesses, non-profits, and churches...
New Version of TWIA Reform Bill Cuts Out Access to Courts
"This is the Residential Construction Commission all over again," says Mostyn Yesterday, when we posted a quick piece on the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) reform bill that was voted out of House Insurance, we noted that our understanding of the bill’s details was limited due to details being sparse at the time... read more
I-Team: State politician profits from insurance agency he ‘watchdogs’
In four years, the co-chairman of oversight of a state insurance agency made more than $300,000 off the company he is supposed to oversee on behalf of consumers in Texas... read more
Steve Mostyn letter to the Members of the Windstorm Insurance Legislative Oversight Committee concerning Representative Larry Taylor's use of legislative power to request information from Texas Windstorm Insurance Association ("TWIA").

Dear Board Members,

I write to inform and update many of you regarding recent action taken by the Co-Chair of this Board, Representative Larry Taylor of Friendswood. I express my concern today not only as an individual who pays for windstorm insurance, but also as an attorney for the over 10,000 families, churches, and businesses my firm represents who I am copying on this letter.

Co-Chair Larry Taylor, using his legislative power, wrote Texas Windstorm Insurance Association ("TWIA") requesting information on 2,400 families whose homes were completely destroyed during Hurricane Ike. l These cases are commonly referred to as "slab" cases because after Hurricane Ike hit, there was nothing left of their homes, but the slab foundation.

Rep. Taylor' s wholesale request for information sought the names, settlement amount, and personal and private information contained in the claims files of these 2,400 families. These claims files contain highly private information such as tax returns, credit card records and possibly medical records.

Rep. Taylor's request came almost two years after Hurricane Ike made landfall, but what prompted it? Not years of newspaper and television stories. Not hundreds of lawsuits filed by homeowners. Not calls from fellow legislators. Not TDI investigations. Not even community outrage.

Rep. Taylor's request came immediately after an insurance industry-backed, anticonsumer group failed in its attempts to get the very same information. Texans for Lawsuit Reform, a special interest, anti-consumer rights group, tried to get this same private information

(Please use the link above to access the full letter and all supporting Exhibits)

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association settlements announced on Galveston homes completely destroyed by Hurricane Ike

$189 million TWIA settlement negotiated by the Mostyn Law Firm on Ike "slab"claims
Breaking news from the Mostyn Law Firm! After years of grueling work by the Mostyn Law Firm, Steve Mostyn led negotiations to a resolution for approximately 2,400 Galveston County property owners covered by Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) windstorm policies whose homes were completely destroyed by Hurricane Ike. (Use the link above to read the full article) Years of hard work with intense depositions, thousands of pages of documents, long meetings with experts, numerous hearings, and endless emails and phone calls finally paid off with a proposed settlement of $189 million. (Use the link above to read the full article)

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association agrees to $190M settlement with homeowners
GALVESTON, Texas, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association has agreed to settle a raft of lawsuits by paying almost $190 million to some 2,400 Galveston County property owners whose insured homes were reduced to their foundations by Hurricane Ike.

The suits are known as "slab" cases because they all involve properties where Hurricane Ike left little or nothing standing above ground when it made landfall Sept. 13, 2008. (Use the link above to read the full article)

Windstorm insurer to settle some Ike cases
The state-created windstorm insurer at the center of thousands of Hurricane-Ike related lawsuits has agreed to settle a chunk of them.

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association will pay out an estimated $189 million to policyholders whose homes were razed to the slab nearly two years ago.

That figure assumes all of about 2,400 slab claims against the insurer are resolved under the proposed settlements, said policyholder attorney Steve Mostyn.

Individual policyholders that have attorneys can choose if they want to accept the offer, which includes the following: (Use the link above to read the full article)

Mass settlement offered in Ike windstorm cases
The wait could be over for countless Bolivar Peninsula property owners locked in a group stalemate with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association over Hurricane Ike damages.

Within the next month, those clients involved in the insurance fight should get notices from their respective attorneys about whether they want to accept a slice of a $189 million "mass settlement" with the state windstorm insurance pool, attorney Steve Mostyn said.

"It's an offer, but it's substantially more than what was paid on those cases," Mostyn said.

(Use the link above to read the full article)

Hurricane Ike lawsuits flooding in for attorneys...
LA PORTE, Texas?- Dave Davis is doing something he never thought he'd do. Not in a million years, he said as he walked into a lawyer's office to file a lawsuit. Hurricane Ike tore through his home in the 8800 block of Hedgestone Ct. in La Porte more than a year and half ago. (Use the link above to read the full article)

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