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I can’t imagine doing any kind of work that could possibly give me as much pleasure as helping to level the playing field between good people made victims by the unjust actions of big multinational corporations.

Every member of our firm feels exactly the same way. We dedicate ourselves to successfully getting for you the money you deserve when you have been treated unfairly or injured wrongfully by another.

And thank-you for your kind words and referrals, we are always grateful when you send in a note of appreciation, and for recommending us to everyone you know who we may also help.

— Steve Mostyn

Recent Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita testimonials — Our clients tell our story best

In a nutshell, our success results from helping you get every dollar you deserve when your insurance company lets you down. We thrive by helping in every way we can, to make right the wrongs inflicted by big insurance on so many families, and businesses and churches. With dedication and experience we’ve learned how to turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones for you to get all the money you deserve.

We are exceptionally proud of our track record and no one can tell our story better than our clients. Invest a few moments to listen to what just a few of them are saying about us.

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I am so thankful to the Mostyn Law Firm for taking my case and coming though for me. Thank you!
— Rhoda Coleman, Houston, TX
I am very, very happy with the Mostyn Law Firm and the settlement I have received. All of the employees were very professional, helpful, pleasant and caring at all times.

The Mostyn Law firm fought and succeeded in getting me the money for the Hurricane Ike damages to my property. All I had to do was call Mostyn and provide the necessary paperwork, and that was it. After about 6 months, Mostyn had a resolution.

Contacting Mostyn was the best thing that I could have ever done and it was huge relief for me. If it had not been for Mostyn, I would have never been able to pay for my Hurricane Ike damages, Love you guys at Mostyn. You are TRULY "Beyond Expectations."
— Tanya Vaughn, Manvel, TX

I had a great experience with the Mostyn Law Firm. Everyone has been very informative and professional. I would not hesitate to refer a client in the future.
— Sheila Howard, Angleton, TX
I am happy and pleased to be able to say with out hesitation: The Mostyn Law Firm has been my angel from God in this matter. I almost gave up after that Hurricane Ike, having lived through it in my small home - just Jesus, me and the dog.

Months had passed and I was trying to get my emotions, passion and sense of comfort back but everything I thought of was not working out. Even people I knew were not available to help me. My insurance company said it had a backlog and would have someone call to set an appointment. Everything in the process of getting back to some kind of comfort just did not go well.

Searching for help to asses my property and move quickly was almost more than I could take. With so many repair companies claiming to be legit showcased on TV, I knew that I needed additional scrutiny, so as not to get in some other kind of bind. Many were offering cheap labor but wanted payment up front. After much consideration and praying the only answer that came to me was to wait.

I saw this law firm advertisement one day when I was watching TV. Surprisingly, I was driving down W Alabama leaving the Whole Foods store and saw the Mostyn sign. Something inside me said, "Go in, what have you got to lose." So I did. The rest is history.

Today, the Mostyn Law Firm has truly helped my situation and yes, Beyond my Expectations. May God continue to bless and keep you all.
— Cosetta Taylor, Houston, TX

My husband and I are really happy with the way Mr. Mostyn handled our case, we thought nothing would ever get done. I am so glad that there are still attorneys that go out of their way to help people the right way. Thank you.
— Rachel Garcia, Lake Jackson, LA
Mostyn Law Firm worked hard to claim what was rightfully owed to me by Texas Windstorm who failed to do so as my insurance provider. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm, you are looking out for Texans!
— Eric Gage, Texas City, TX
I am very happy with the Mostyn Law Firm and the outcome of my case. The settlement I received will put my house and my life back together. My insurance company offered me nothing but the Mostyns held them accountable. Thank you so much.
— Trikichel Holmes, Houston, TX
I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I really thank the Mostyn Law Firm. You have made my son, dog and me very pleased again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Cassandra Jones, Houston, TX
This communication is written relative to the attorneys, Mr. Mitch Templeton & Mr. Chadwick Robinson, who were the lead attorneys in the Case of Lillie Haynes vs. Borden Milk Company. We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the lawyers named above for their untiring efforts in their quest for justice and the rights of the citizens.

I firmly believe that this case would not have been successful without the hard work, careful planning and diligence of these attorneys; they were steadfast, competent and forceful.Your consideration and respect shall always be remember for the manner in which you worked for comparable settlement for the injuries received from the automobile accident. Please note that we consider it a job well done. Again, we say "Thank You". Our prayer is that God will continue to bless you,
— Lillie & Warren Haynes, Beaumont, TX

We are 100% pleased with the settlement received from the Mostyn Law Firm. It was not a lengthy process and they communicated regularly to inform us of the status of our case. Thank you!
— Sandy & Cynthia Quiller, Angleton, TX
I would like to commend and thank the Mostyn Law Firm for a very professional job in representing the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in our claim. All of the personnel was very virtuous and professional. I have and will recommend this law firm to all I know who have a need for a lawyer.
— St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX
Thanks to the Mostyn Law Firm I was able to recover funds (much needed) and rightfully owed to assist me in repairing my home. Thank you for standing up for the "little people" who need help when going up against the "Goliath".
— Faye Kinsey, Houston, TX
It is truly a blessing that the law firm is professional and down to earth. They really helped me fight the insurance company when I could not have done it on my own. I could not afford to pay and they took care of it. This law firm went the extra mile by stopping the insurance company from taking advantage of me. They took the burden from me and handled it. You will be smelling the roses when they get through your case. This is the best law firm. I hope and pray they are around for decades. They do excellent work, from the beginning to the end. They say they will take care of you and they did! Thank You Mostyn Law Firm!
— Ethel Chambers-Hayward, Houston, TX
We just want to say how pleased we are with the Mostyn Law Firm. It has been very hard trying to get a settlement from our insurance comany for the destruction of our home caused by Hurrucan Ike, but once we turned it all over to the Mostyn Law Firm it all began to fall into place and it is now settled. Thanks Mostyn - we appreciate you!
— Dorothy Lang & A.R. Dodson, Baytown, TX
We wanted to take the this time to thank the Mostyn Law Firm for all their help with our Ike Claim. They were very professional and helpful. The staff took their time to explain the whole process and made it so easy. They kept us informed about our claim and the process and were always available to speak to us on the phone with any questions we had. The process was so easy and they were very nice. We were very happy with our outcome and would definitely recommend them to anyone in our situation. Thank you so much!
— Irma & Ruben Gonzalez, Pasadena, TX
I would like to personally thank the team J Steve Mostyn, Elizabeth A. Harris, and all involved parties for your relentless efforts in representing me.

You were the voice and advocate for me in my time of disappointment, anger, and frustration back in 2008. It was stressful enough when Hurricane Ike caused damage to my home and being without electricity for approximately two (2) weeks, and coping with keeping my health intact. In other words, I am a diabetic and take insulin that requires refrigeration.

This was another incident in which I was without my medication and because of water leaking in my house, mold had formed. The mold was another problem.

I took the necessary steps in documenting and reporting the damages to the insurance company. As a result of my claims, I experienced another level of frustration.

I was basically informed that some of the damages claimed were denied because I did not meet their standards. The roller coaster had started again.

I was referred to your firm and want to express my deep gratitude. God forbid if I ever experience another situation like this or know someone who needs your service, I will definitely refer them to Mostyn Law Finn.

Thanks so much.
— Martha F. Josey, Houston, Texas

Mostyn Law Firm, We had given up when we received the call asking us the lowest we would be willing to accept. Then came the phone call telling us the actual amount that they had settled for and it was a shock for us. We are so thankful for your concern and good job. We would recommend the Mostyn Law Firm to our friends and relatives if they should need assistance. Thank you again,
— Jason and Maria Grady, Spring, Texas
Mostyn Law Firm worked with us in a very professional way. We were pleased with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance.
— Jeanette Merephee and Robert Bonner, Stafford, Texas
We were more than pleased with how our case was handled. The communication was good. Our settlement was prompt and far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend the Mostyn Law Firm for anyone who needs assistance in obtaining funds to repair storm damage after insurance company fail to pay their losses.
— Ruthie Magahee, Friendswood, Texas
I, Anne M. Gunter, of my own free will can attest that I believe in this law firm. At first I was skeptical and had no hope of ever seeing any justice done. In fact, this the first time I’ve ever been satisfied with an attorney (most of them that I’ve had an experience with took the money and ran). Mostyn got what I deserved and more, above and beyond my expectations. My husband was pleasantly surprised as well. Thanks Again Mostyn,
— Anne & Ailve Gunter, Pearland, Texas
We are very happy with the Mostyn Law Firm and our settlement. We are pleased to be able to use our beach house again and enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you for all you have done.
— Lois & James Tignor, Galveston, Texas
We are very pleased with the results we got from the Mostyn Law Firm and the employees were very pleasant and helpful. We are looking forward to doing more business with your firm.
— David & Evie Serrant, Baytown, Texas
We've owned our business and for 30 years. TWC continued to renew our windstorm policy. Then Hurricane Ike hits our area and we have significant damage to our roof. TWC unfairly turned down our claim so we contacted the Mostyn Law firm.

The insurance company we are with is a local company we have been with for probably 30 years. We have always been treated with respect. They fought and tried to get us money for the damages buy were unsuccessful.

I don't know how a insurance company can continue to renew your policy and take your money for years, but when something happens and you need thier help... they are not there and come up with excuses to not pay fairly.

Our first impression when we contacted Mostyn firm was professional. Their people are very helpful. We called, sent them the paper work and that's it.

About 6 months later we have a resolution. Very quick, professional and efficient. Knowing that we were no longer able to fight this ourselves; then shifting the responsibility to Mostyn was a huge relief for us.

We were able to get back to business and let the Mostyn Firm handle the insurance claim. We are very pleased with the outcome of our case.

I am so glad we saw the Mostyn commercial on TV. If not we would have never been paid fairly for our damages. I would recommend Mostyn to anyone that feels frustrated with the way their insurance company is dealing with them.
— Brian Garrett , Lake Jackson, Texas

The purpose of this note is to express my deep satisfaction with the service provided by the Mostyn Law Firm. I suffered losses to my home by Hurricane Ike. Farmers insurance refused to repair my home. Mostyn accepted my case and recovered my losses in a very professional manner and in the time frame promised. I am more than pleased with the service of this law firm.
— FDK, Pearland, Texas
This law firm is a very good one. They did their best and we appreciate what they did for us. And I hope God blesses them with their business.
— Angela Fanus, Baytown, Texas
It has been a pleasure to have Mostyn Law Firm represent me against TWIA.  I have been treated with the utmost courtesy from the day I met with a representative in your office until the day of my settlement.  The inspectors who came to my house were not only courteous, but their professionalism was evident throughout their inspection of my home.

I would not hesitate to have Mostyn Law Firm represent me in any future legal disputes and I would highly recommend Mostyn Law Firm to anyone who has a legal dispute with TWIA or any other insurance company whose claims were underpaid in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.
— Penny, Friendswood, Texas

I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case after going back and forth with my insurance company.

The Mostyn Law Firm was knowledgeable of what we were up against and provided good feedback to me in which direction to take.
— Veronica Moss, Houston, Texas

Michael and Letha Harris highly recommend the Mostyn Law Firm. They were very thorough when they came out and checked our house. The structural engineer was very cordial. Things were wrong that they never knew. We had no problems communicating with the firm. Someone was always there to answer our questions. We were treated fairly and were very satisfied.
— Letha/Michael Harris, Freeport, TX
I, Arezella Manuel, am happy with the outcome. My insurance company did not want to fix our home and they just gave us a little money to patch our home. Thanks to the Mostyn Law Firm we can fix our home. The Ike storm was bad and the insurance company did not want to help us, but we got help from Mostyn Law Firm. Thanks again.
— Arezella Manuel, Houston, TX
This is a note to say Thank you to Mr. Mostyn & Staff for all the help recovering the amount due from Hurricane Ike. Once again, thank you,
— Rosalind Wilkins, Galveston, Texas
Your law firm brought justice against our insurance company. Without your help, we would have not received the money we deserved for damages from Hurricane Ike. Thank you.
— JoAnn & William Autrey, Lake Jackson, Texas
As said in the commercial on tv, the process could not have been any easier. Now we can complete the repairs on our home that the insurance company claimed they were not going to cover. The help that we received from the Mostyn Law Firm has been appreciated much more than we can express. Thank you.
— Victor & Marjorie Frost, Port Arthur, Texas
Mostyn Law Firm has been instrumental in ensuring that I received compensation for the damages done to my house as a result of Hurricane Ike 3 years ago. My homeowners insurance company, National Lloyds, was not forthcoming in adequately paying for the damages. I have been with this company for nine years and only filed one other claim five years ago for my air conditioning system.

I appreciate the professionalism and the care taken by Mostyn Law Firm.

Thank you,
— Mary Breedlove, Missouri City, Texas

We are the Wilson Family and would like to say thank you so very much to the Mostyn Law Firm.

It all started in September 12, 2008. We woke up to rain coming in our house. Hurricane Ike had hit and severely damaged our home. Our children (son: 9 yrs & daughter: 2yrs at the time) were so scared, as were we. We did not know what to do. We had our family out here. So we did not know where to go. We started to sleep in our car then our neighbors opened their home to us. They soon said we needed to leave.

So we took what we could as far as clothes go & tried to find a hotel. The first one we found was the Double tree/Hilton Hotel and they only allowed us to stay there for 7 days even though our insurance company, State Farm, was paying them. So once again we had to get our stuff together and find another place to stay. Well at this time State Farm had referred us to Klein Comp. They work with State Farm to help clients find temporary housing. They found the Four Points Sheraton.

This hotel was so dirty we only stayed there for 2 nights. Even though Klein Company was responsible for finding us a place, we really had a difficult time with them. We were the ones that found another place, the Residence Inn. It worked out ok and we stayed there for close to 2 months.

At this time, State Farm/Klein Company was supposed to be finding us a temporary house to stay until our damaged house was fixed. They could never get it right and we finally found a house on our own. During all this time, we still had to deal with State Farm. It took them 30 days until they sent an adjuster out to assess our home. The adjuster they sent out, Scott, was not even an actual employee of State Farm, he was an out of state contractor. Scott assessed our house at $39,000 worth of damages, minus $5000 for initial living expenses which State Farm subtracted from the structural amount, which left our contractor $5000 short. We tried to explain this to State Farm but they didn't agree with us and said they were doing us a favor. As a result of this we had to move back into our incomplete house because State Farm was no longer going to pay for our temporary housing. In order for us to move back home we had to borrow money from our savings and my husbands 401k accounts to get our house fixed enough for us to be able to move back in. We were so upset at how State Farm handled our claim knowing that we had been clients for over 15 years.

So my husband decided to call Mostyn Law Firm. He explained to them what happened with State Farm and what we had been going through. The Law Firm accepted our case and we are so grateful to Mostyn Law Firm because on July 15, 2011 a settlement was made in our favor. We can now put the money back into our savings accounts, get our house fixed correctly and focus on moving forward. If it was not for the Mostyn Law Firm's hard work in helping us, we would still be struggling, trying to make ends meet and State Farm would have taken another client for granted. Again Thank you,
— The Wilson Family, Houston, Texas

I would like to thank the Mostyn Law Firm for taking my case. Attorney John Mabry represented me. My claim was against Nationals Lloyds Insurance Company. I was not compensated fairly for property damage received during Hurricane Ike.

My case was handled in a timely and professional manner. Attorney Mabry settled for a substantial amount. I am very satisfied.

Ms. Claudia Romero, the paralegal on my case was very professional and helpful.

Again, thank you for a professional job well done.
— Shirley Robinson, Houston, Texas

I want to thank God for you and for your professional attitude in handling my claim. Thank you for taking time to hear me and my plea for help when the people I thought I could trust for over thirty years “turned their backs to me”. They would not help me at all, and even went so far as to say, I was uninsurable. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm for restoring my confidence in humanity!

Next, I would like to say that after Hurricane Ike, I saw your advertisement on television and ignored it on several occasions. With some prompting however, from my children, I contacted you. Even though I was a little apprehensive, never experiencing a lawsuit before I set up an appointment, I was greeted with sincerity and kindness. I was put at ease and felt assured that if anything could be done, you would be the ones to help me, and you did.

Finally, I will recommend you to my family and friends and anyone needing assistance in dealing with a lawsuit. Because of you, I am able to get the needed work for my home done. I am insurable once again, but have since changed insurance companies. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm for helping me. May God continue to bless you and all of your endeavors!

My children wanted to express their gratitude and asked me to include this:

We want to thank you for helping our mother. Sincerely, Daughters Judy and Jennie and Sons Charles and Randall
— Darlene Caswell, Retired Widow, Magnolia, Texas

When we decided to seek legal assistance to obtain additional claim payment from TWIA, there were many law firms offering that service. We chose your firm, Mostyn Law, and we are very glad indeed to have done so.

We are extremely pleased far beyond our expectations with the results you and your firm have archived for us, and we want to let you know that. We were impressed with Mostyn from the beginning as it quickly became evident that everything was in place to handle additional claims in a highly efficient manner.

The results you obtained for us have convinced us beyond any doubt that your firm was the best one we could have chosen, and we thank you so much for your good work on our behalf.
— Edward and Henriette Norris, Galveston, Texas

My name is Denise Collins. My home is in Conroe, Texas. I am disabled due to an auto accident that happened in 1999. It has been an extreme hardship to keep my house.

In 2007, I finally paid it off and was thrilled to say I have a home.

It had been one year of comfort when Ike blew into town. The damage was swift, large oaks fell like sapling. The house shook one way then the other.

Afterward I called my insurance agent. The adjuster came out, took about an hour and a half and then was gone.

Next I received a check for approximately $3000.00. I was devastated. The only security I had was gone.

Weeks later I noticed cracks along the door and on the walls. The house shook when I walked and things were vibrating off my dresser.

I had a contractor come out and he discovered the house was off one of the blocks. The front door wouldn't lock and many problems kept popping up.

I was so devastated I complained to every friend, relative, neighbor and family member. Finally, someone told me to call the Mostyn Law Firm. I held the card for a week and then decided to call.

Thank the lord for the fine people at the Mostyn Law Firm. They took my case, asked for nothing, kept me informed along the way, educated me on my rights and helped me deal with the insurance company.
— Denise Collins, Conroe, Texas

I really appreciate the Mostyn Law firm for dealing with my case and having such a fantastic result. I would recommend you to anyone and I have a friend or two who may need your assistance.

Thank you for all your hard work and effort. I can finally get a new roof that does not leak and some other things done around the home.

I still can't believe the result and the progress your law firm has made with this case. I will be eternally indebted to your hard work, dedication and outcome.
— Melva Long, San Leon, Texas

The insurance company was completely intractable and wouldn’t budge, even after several appeals. Then we talked to the Mostyn Law Firm and they were able to secure a settlement for well over the required amount. Thanks!
— Nancy and Chad Wilson, Houston, Texas
Dear Mostyn Law Firm, may God continue to bless you and your staff. My name is Sandra L. Lewis. During my time of stress after the hurricane, I did not know where to turn for help. Thank you for being my voice. For helping people like ones who don’t know where to go when all the “doors” seem to close.

Because of you I was able to get a lot done for my home. I pray always for the Mostyn Law Firm and its associates. I thank God for “honest” people that represent others who are less fortunate. Once again, thank you. I apologize for being so long in sending this letter. May you always be blessed, the Mostyn Law Firm and Associates.
— Sandra Lewis, Baytown, Texas

To Claudia and Mostyn Law Firm, Thanks for the professional attitude and keeping me updated on the lawsuit. You were more like family helping family and I thank you.
— Willie Drew, Crosby, Texas
TWIA treated me very unfairly. Mostyn Law Firm is the greatest and got me what I deserved.
— Jayne Michon, Port Arthur, Texas
This is just a note to thank you for your expedience and expertise in resolving our case with Allstate Insurance. Your lawyers and staff were very professional and knowledgeable of the subject matter pertaining to our needs. We sincerely appreciate the manner in which our case was handled and will refer your agency to our friends and families.

May God continue to reward you for your service and dedication toward fighting for justice for mankind.
— Iola Gordon Duncan, Houston, Texas

Thanks for the professional attitude & keeping me updated on the lawsuit. You were more like family helping family and I thank you.
— Willie Drew & Family, Crosby, Texas
I was at the end of the rope not knowing what to do about my hurricane damages. I found an ad for Mostyn Law Firm and called them. I can’t believe how much they helped me. I am very grateful for all that they did and will always have them listed as my lawyers.
— Vickie Peters, Highland, Texas
I would like to thank Mostyn Law Firm for helping me get the money for my loss of income and the repairs I needed to stay in business. Without their professional attorneys, I would have gone out of business. The Mostyn Law Firm saved 15 employees from losing their jobs. Thank You!
— Jerry Davila, Channelview, Texas
After Hurricane Ike, my home had substantial damage. Texas Fair Plan was only willing to pay for small insignificant damage, such as broken windows, furniture damage, etc. The claim amount was so small, I was unable to make any real repairs. Then I heard about Mostyn Law Firm and how they could get me the settlement I deserved, enough to make all the repairs that were needed. They really came through for me and my family. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm!
— Teresa Williams, Missouri City, Texas
Mostyn Law Firm, Thanks so much for the wonderful job that you did for me and my family. I cannot make it for myself. Thanks so much you are awesome.
— Aracelia Vasquez, Houston, Texas
You have restored my faith in today’s business world. You do exactly what you promise when you advertise. All of your staff has been gracious and friendly during each step of the process. This is unheard of in today’s civilization.

Thank you! God bless you! I will be contacting my congress person, as you have suggested, and do whatever I can to help prevent the passage of unfair insurance laws. Your guidance is ethical.
— Izola Collins, Galveston, Texas

After 2 ½ years of trying to resolve our Hurricane Ike claim with Farmers Insurance Group, there was never an agreement reached. So we were always at a loss on our claim. So we contacted Mostyn Law Firm. Mostyn accepted our case and worked with all concerned parties in a reasonable time table to get this matter resolved in a favorable settlement. No headaches. No problems. Just work getting the job done to the letter of our policy. We are happy we chose Mostyn Law Firm to work on our case. ,
— Mr. and Mrs. Loville, Beaumont, Texas
Hats off to Mostyn Law Firm!!! During Hurricane Ike our home was heavily damaged! Our son slept downstairs the night of the storm. He woke us up to tell of the rain falling on the floor. We proceeded to place pots, pans and whatever we could find to catch the water. We soon learned that the kitchen, master bath and upstairs bedroom were also getting soaked. There were fences blown down outside.

We were excited when the adjusters came to survey the damages, including all of our Christmas decorations in the attic. Our hopes faded when the insurance company sent us small checks that barely amounted to $7000.00.

That was not nearly enough to repair the collapsed sheetrock in the den and kitchen, repair the roof, replace the fencing and gates. To make matters worse, our roof is tile and they no longer make the existing tile so we had to substitute. When the insurance people returned to see our repairs they were critical of the tiles even though we told them they were the closest we could come to match them.

Hallelujah!!! We saw an ad on TV. about your law firm. We made the call. You all sent a representative, we then went to see you. All of the rest is history. Thank you for handling everything. We now have enough to replace the roof properly and replace the sheetrock that was re-damaged because the roof continued to leak.

Thank God for Mostyn Law Firm. Now our house can finally become our home again. Thank you.

P.S. I didn’t meant to write a book, but I got started and couldn’t stop!
— Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Alvin, Texas

This letter is to inform you how much my family and I appreciate the way your firm handled both of our claims. We most definitely want to point out that we are extremely happy about how your whole staff showed us courtesy and respect. We felt at home from the moment we walked in to your office. Having been under a lot of stress, your staff informed us to leave the worries in your hands and that’s exactly what I did.

I am very impressed by your professionalism and the personal involvement your staff showed us. I highly recommend Mostyn Law Firm to anyone. Your firm is very professional and a good team to have on your side on a legal matter.

Feel free to show this letter to future clients. I never recommend anyone unless the firm earns it by demonstrating it by their merits. On behalf of my family and I “Thank you very much!” your firm is outstanding!”
— Mr. and Mrs. Caltzontzint, Pearland, Texas

When I first saw the ad on TV offering help for hurricane victims, I hurriedly copied the phone number down. My husband and I pondered over the possibility of being able to receive some help and guidance from Mostyn Law Firm. We made an appointment in the early fall of September, 2009.

After one meeting with an extremely nice and efficient lady, whose name I cannot recall, we felt like we had taken a step in the right direction. This employee looked at our pictures taken after Hurricane Ike and listened patiently as we told our story. Since that time, we have received numerous emails, phone calls and information regarding our case.

In addition, we learned about the many humanitarian causes in which the Mostyn Law Firm is involved. All of these facts gave us new hope. We never gave up and neither did Mostyn Law Firm.

On March 21 2011, we met with Richard Paxton in the Houston office. We found him to be an exceptionally fine young man. He made us feel comfortable and informed us what was planned regarding our case. Our questions were welcomed and answered in a knowledgeable way with utmost concern for us and our needs. We waited in a private room while the mediation was in process. We were given a nice lunch and Mr. Paxton kept us informed during this time.

Please accept our sincere thanks for helping us. We are so grateful to soon have this situation resolved. You just have no idea how grateful we are. We would be very happy to recommend the Mostyn Law Firm to our friends. May God bless you in your efforts to help others.
— Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Dayton, Texas

I was denied payment of my insurance claim for Hurricane Ike. Mostyn Law Firm helped me recover the monies due me in accordance with my homeowners insurance policy to adequately repairing my home. I am so pleased with my outcome that I have referred two other friends to Mostyn Law Firm.
— Shirley Lynch, Houston, Texas
We just wanted to express our sincerest “thank you” for all your attention to our case. The insurance company completely ignored us after Hurricane Ike damaged our home, but thanks to Mostyn Law Firm, we will hopefully have our house back in order and fully functional and safe for the most important things in our lives, our two beautiful daughters. Thank you again for all your help and the wonderful success!
— Kathy and Adriana Lanza, Humble, Texas
Mostyn Law Firm employees were very courteous and helpful. The whole process was quick and easy. We will now be able to complete the repairs for damage caused by Hurricane Ike. We highly recommend Mostyn Law Firm to everyone. Many thanks!
— Diane Bayne, La Marque, Texas
After Hurricane Ike, I was not only treated badly as a human being but I was also made to feel like I was just an idiot. I felt that I was at the end of the line with trying to get a reasonable settlement from TWIA on my damage to my home of 17 years. I then just gave my information to my attorneys at Mostyn Law Firm and just walked away from it all.

When you hear you may be owed tens of thousands of more it is absolutely true. The Mostyn Law Firm was able to not only get me enough to totally repair my home with the settlement but also payoff my home in full. I will forever be grateful for everything that Mostyn Law Firm has done for me.
— Mrs. Billingsley, Pearland, Texas

Mostyn Law Firm is the BEST! One phone call changed our lives. The process was painless. We didn’t realize how much more we were due from the insurance company. I recommend them to everyone! Just do it, make the call. All I can say is AMAZING!
— Mr. and Mrs. Criner, Houston, Texas
I’m very thankful for the way the Mostyn Law Firm handled my case. Allstate was not cooperating at all even after being with them for 24 years. You've handled everything to my complete satisfaction. I will definitely recommend your firm to anyone who is in need of your services. Thanks so much.
— Dorie Bennatt, Houston, Texas
My name is Elia Chambers and I had a problem with Hurricane Ike and the Mostyn law Firm took care of my case. I am very pleased that they helped me. Thanks.
— Elia Chambers, Spring, Texas
I can’t believe we ever hesitated. You don’t have to think twice about calling Mostyn Law Firm, just once. They are the most professional group of attorneys I’ve come across, you get a real sense of confidence you’re in good hands. Mostyn Law Firm made the legal experience painless.
— Beau Carpenter, League City, Texas
I found the Mostyn Law Firm to be very professional and proficient. Their response time was quick and each person I had contact with was cordial and efficient. Mostyn lived up to their advertisements I highly recommend this firm . Their lawyers, mediators, engineers and adjusters (each of them) treated me with respect and I was satisfied with their performance from start to completions.
— Alva Stafford, Houston, Texas
Until you actually experience it, evacuating from a hurricane is a very costly endeavor, not only in finances, but in emotional stress and mental anguish. To have to leave one’s home unprotected in a city that can provide little police protection is traumatic, but not knowing for over three weeks if your home was still standing was downright debilitating. And all of this occurred prior to contacting our insurance carrier, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (“TWIA”). Little did we know, our real problems lay ahead of us!

After contacting TWIA, we received a small settlement that basically covered the cost of a new roof. Once that was replaced, we realized there was much more damage to our house than we originally thought. Accordingly, we call TWIA and asked for a second inspection and more money to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Ike. The inspector came out for the second time and told us that none of the damage was storm related! We were astonished, because it is quite evident that the damage was all storm-related and now all the work and money we had put into our 108 year old Victorian had all gone to waste. We were pretty much back to square one with a falling down house and little or no money with which to make repairs.

One morning, while reading the local paper, my husband pointed out an ad from the Mostyn Law Firm (“Mostyn”) regarding Hurricane Ike claims. Since Mostyn was willing to take on our battle on a contingency basis, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, we retained them. At this point, are house was in a shambles and we were deeply in debt trying to make further repairs on our own, so we thought “what could it hurt”?

My husband met with Mostyn representatives on two separate occasions to go over our insurance coverage, payments from TWIA and damages yet to be repaired. Luckily, we had all this information at hand from going through the process with TWIA the first time, so it was a painless and easy process. Mostyn never made any unreasonable demands and sent out their own inspectors to review the damage to our home.

The next thing we knew, we received a call with a most generous settlement offer! Not only will it enable us to fix our house, we can also pay off any and all bills incurred from Ike damages. We couldn’t have done any of this without Mostyn law firm.
— McKim Family, Galveston,Texas

Cuando sucedió el Huracán del 2008, hubieron muchos daños en mi casa. Yo llamé a mi aseguranza pero no me respondieron como debían. Asi que decidí contactar a la firma de abogados. Ellos me acesoraron perfectamente. Me trataron excelente y pelearon por mi casa y después de un tiempo lograron ganar mi caso. Hoy mi caso está resuelto y gracias a ellos mi casa será reparada. Gracias a que ellos hicieron un buen trabajo. Se los agradezco mucho y mis recomendaciones para todos. Mis agradecimientos. Gracias.

When the hurricane of 2008 happened, there was a lot of damage to my house. I called my insurance company but they did not respond as they should have. That is why I decided to contact the law firm. They advised me perfectly. They treated me excellent and fought for my house. After a while, they succeeded in winning my case. Today my case is resolved and thanks to them my house will be repaired, thanks to the fact that they did a good job. I thank them a lot and I would recommend them to everyone. My gratitude. Thank you,
— Alba Fuentes, Texas

Allstate did not allow us enough money to complete work on our home. We retained Mostyn Law Firm after fighting with the insurance company for 1 ½ years. Mostyn got us the money to finish everything that was not done. Everyone I have met and talked with at the law firm is very polite and smiling from receptionist to attorneys. Thanks.
— George and Pat Freeman, LaPorte, Texas
Having Mostyn Law Firm handle our case has been a stress free and pleasant experience. The kind of experience I should have had in dealing with my insurance companies. Use the Mostyn Law Firm, you will not regret it!
— Mike Fell, Pasadena, Texas
Columbia Lloyds didn’t pay us at all. The adjuster refused to go inside the house to see the damages. Then they paid us just $1900.00, but it wasn’t enough because we had to get a new roof. We saw the commercial one night and decided to call. Our settlement will help us out a lot. Now we can make repairs to the house.
— Ramiro and Mary Deleon, Houston, Texas
Words cannot express the joy the Mostyn Law Firm has brought to our family in settling this case expeditiously with professionalism, kindness and the utmost respect for us.

One of the Mostyn Law Firm associates called with the news of settlement totals. I cried on the phone. We prayed and gave thanks to God for our family’s health, strength and total goodness and mercy and the Mostyn Law Firm for seeing us to the new beginning for us.

We have been praying and thanking God and truly believe that we meet people for reasons, seasons and lifetimes, and this was all in God’s plans for the Mostyn Law Firm to get my mother’s home to a totally renovated state and to end this nightmare.

We continue to pray for others who may not have been so lucky nor patient... we kept the faith... God and the Mostyn Law Firm moved mountains quickly for us.
— Avis Phillips, Joselyn Thomas and Diane Phillips, Galveston, Texas

My wife Olivia and myself, Robert would like to express our sincere thank you for what we thought was a very good settlement that your firm was able to get us. We would have gotten nothing had it not been for your law firm. We want you to know that we would not hesitate to call or recommend your firm as a reliable firm who gets results. Forever, grateful. Thank you Mr. Mostyn
— Robert and Olivia Gonzales, Houston, Texas
I William H. Bond and Janet A. Bond are hereby blessed that our neighbor informed us about Mostyn Law Firm. We were treated unfairly by TWIA and felt we had no re-course. Really we were helpless until Mostyn Law Firm stepped in and saved the day. This is a blessing in disguise.
— William and Janet Bond, Pearland ,Texas
We were getting the run around from the insurance company. We felt we gave them plenty of time to do the right thing. We knew the Mostyn Law Firm had a good reputation of getting what we were rightfully due. The Mostyn Law Firm more than exceeded our expectations and was very professional and very actively pursued our case. We would highly recommend them for any of your legal needs.
— Dan and Linda Sanders, Conroe, Texas
We are writing this letter to commend Mostyn Law Firm on their representation of us against Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Our home sustained substantial damage due to Hurricane Ike in 2008. For two years we were consistently denied our damages, even though we had never filed a claim before.

Thanks to the help of Mostyn Law Firm, we are now beginning the repairs desperately needed to our home. Many thanks to all of those who worked on our case. We are extremely satisfied with the results.
— Daniel and Ginger Yonge, Texas City, Texas

We are very happy with the case results. I recommend these lawyers. They are very nice people and understandable. Malorie did a wonderful and great job.
— The Alejandro Family, Alvin, Texas
We had roof damage from Hurricane Ike and the Mostyn Law Firm helped us resolve our claim fairly quickly. We are very satisfied and would recommend them anytime.
— Victoria Licea and Maria Licea (Mother & Daughter), Houston, Texas
Our home was destroyed by Hurricane Ike. We had nowhere to turn and it was an emotional roller coaster. The Mostyn Law Firm has been there for us by our side from the beginning to the end and have protected us by fighting to get us all the money we need to put our lives back together and finish our home.

Don't do it alone, let the Mostyn Law Firm fight for you. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm.
— Denny & Cynthia Merritt, Alvin, Texas

Let me tell you a little about my story. In 1981 I immigrated to the USA from the Netherlands as an au-pair. In 1989,I received my permanent residence status. Now my “real life” was able to begin in the USA, land of freedom and opportunities. In 2007, I made the biggest step of my adult life an bought my house. Being in this country without family, this was truly a leap of faith for me. When Hurricane Ike hit Houston, my poor little house was shaking in the winds and it literally brought me down to my knees in the middle of my living room as I prayed to God almighty to save my home, animals and of course myself from harm.

The next morning, my roommate and myself assessed the damage around the neighborhood, and we seemed to be okay except for a fence down between my neighbor and myself. This of course was all we could see with the naked eye not knowing any better. Being a florist, I had no idea what to look for and I was not going to climb on the roof to look for damage. Then February came and in the week of Valentine’s, there was a very strong storm that produced tornados and very bad rain. Again, the house shifted, but this time back in the position it was before Ike. So the house being constructed with stucco had several cracks in the concrete and also other damage not visible to the naked eye.

So I called my insurance company and told them about my damage indirectly from Ike. It took three different adjusters and a structural engineer for me to finally contact the Mostyn Law Firm and finally all I can say is “Wow!”.

What an incredible group of professional people. We had the initial visit and after hearing my story they sent an inspector to access the damage. There was a lot more damage to my home than the original crack in the stucco, damage that I probably never would have found because I don’t know what to look for.

The Mostyn Law Firm literally took over my fight with the insurance company and got me the money I need to fix my home. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm for taking such great care of myself and our home.
— Karina Metsers, Houston, Texas

Mostyn Law Firm was very helpful. Safeco wouldn’t acknowledge severe damage to my home. They kept changing adjusters and wouldn’t return my calls and generally ignored my calls.

Mostyn Law Firm was professional and handled everything with almost no loss of work or personal time on my part. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has gotten the run around from their insurance carriers.
— Marsha Hudgens, Houston, Texas

I saw you on TV and decided why not give this firm an opportunity to see what they could do to collect damages for my home.

The Mostyn Law Firm did an outstanding job representing my claim for hurricane damage to my home in Galveston.

I never expected anything near the amount of money they were able to obtain for me in settlement of my claim.
— Gene Putnam, Spring, Texas


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Andrew and yourself for the incredible job you did negotiating our Ike mediation case. Through your efforts and the entire Mostyn Law Firm team you obtained a very fair settlement to my case.

It is unfortunate that more people do not avail themselves of your services when they are unjustly treated by their insurance agencies.

I will recommend the Mostyn Law Firm to our friends if they are in need of legal assistance.

Thanks again and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
— Morris Vivona, Woodlands, Texas

Thank you for winning my case.......Thank you for your kindness... Thank you for your caring .....mean so much to me. God Bless You All!!!!!
— Adelfa L. Macpherson and Family, Richmond, Texas
I appreciate the excellent and outstanding service that the Mostyn Law Firm did in my case. Thank you so very much for helping me with my house. My house damage was significant. May God bless you all.
— Adlefa Macpherson, Richmond, Texas
Mostyn Law Firm has done a very professional job handling my case. Feeling that my insurance company was not being fair on my damage claim during Hurricane Ike. The Mostyn Law Firm stepped in and took care of my interest.
— Ruby Wilson, Cold Springs, Texas
My wife and I would like to thank Marc Tittlebaum for his quick and swift action in our case. We saw the commercials yet waited too long to seek legal action. Honestly, we didn’t think we had a case because we had waited far too long to pursue the matter. This was until we spoke to Marc, and even then, he made no promises. He did however, promise us that he would give it his all by pursing whatever legal recourse we had remaining. Marc represents the care and efforts I have witnessed throughout the staff and Attorney’s at the Mostyn Law Firm.

Steve Mostyn’s Philosophy of Care and hard work towards Each and Every One of his Clients cases was demonstrated through the efforts and hard work by Marc Tittlebaum and many others.

For these reasons, we have referred 3 new clients to the Mostyn Law Firm and we will continue to refer others because we know they will do whatever it takes to make sure the Insurance Company has been fair with those affected by Hurricane Ike. Thank you Mr. Tittlebaum for your efforts and thank you Mostyn Law Firm.
— Travis Watson, Houston, Texas

Mostyn Law Firm has been extremely helpful in restoring my windstorm claim for my house- which SURVIVED Hurricane Ike. I first tried a public adjuster and they dropped the case. I have been impressed by the ease of the process, their professionalism and most important- the outstanding results.
— Dawn Shelton, Houston, Texas
We’re a small business and sustained a lot of damage from Hurricane Ike. But our insurance company was trying to just give us pennies for our claim. Mostyn Law Firm fought for us and got us what we deserved. We are very happy and extremely pleased.
— Eli Williams, EVB Corp dba Jumping Jacks , Houston, Texas
We’ve been with Allstate as our insurance carrier for more than 12 years. We thought we could rely on them during difficult times, lo and behold!! All we had were frustrations! Allstate Insurance- Our frustrations with you can’t be measured!!

We saw Mostyn Law Firm on TV and decided to seek help. It took 2 years of waiting and now the final ordeal is over. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm. Special thanks to Mr. Staples and Rene Sigman and Staff. You all made a BIG DIFFERENCE IN OUR LIFE. MORE POWER. We will highly recommend your services.
— Mr. and Mrs. Rasos, Houston, Texas

Allstate would not pay all losses in an adequate amount of time from Hurricane Ike. After arguing awhile, we contacted Mostyn Law Firm from t.v. ads and had a very professional experience. Without them we never would have gotten enough to fix our home. Thank you very for staying on top of this matter.
— Pam Edwards, Channelview, Texas
The original estimate for our damages was not even close to being reasonable. We had a very large tree on our home for over a year which in turn caused extensive damages inside. We were turned down on every request for help and were only asking for our home to be put back like it was prior to Hurricane Ike. The lack of consideration caused us to have no choice but to seek help from an attorney.

Mostyn Law Firm has been a Godsend. We are extremely happy with the results. They were efficient.
— Catherine O’Neal-Blount, Alvin, Texas

I am extremely grateful to the Mostyn Law Firm for the speedy and efficient resolution of my case. Their team of lawyers, experts and paralegals took great care in reviewing, evaluating and resolving my claims against the insurance company.

Hurricane Ike, like so many other hurricanes wreaked devastation and havoc on the Gulf Coast region and its inhabitants and the insurance companies should not be allowed to overlook or undervalue the resulting damage.

The Mostyn Law Firm has been a source of justice for the unjust by seeking just compensation for the damages and by holding insurance companies accountable for their actions. Thanks again for all your help.
— D. Jones, Houston, Texas

After months of frustration in dealing with TWIA, we were ready to give up. We decided to contact Mostyn Law Firm and have been very pleased with the process and outcome.
— Kent and Karin Gaylor, League City,Texas
I appreciate Mostyn Law Firm’s efforts on my behalf in reaching a very favorable settlement of my Hurricane Ike claims in such a short period of time. Very well done! Thank you.

It was a long , bitterly disappointing and frustrating series of events leading up to an acceptable settlement with TWIA. Their continued deployment of multiple deceptive trade practices, denials and delays was unprecedented. Equally disappointing was the lack of government oversight and controls; the evidence of political cronyism; and obvious conflicts of interest by our state officials who are sworn to protect the public good. Both the Governor and Attorney General of Texas should be embarrassed for their lack of involvement in protecting the rights of citizens of the Texas Gulf Coast. A formal apology for their lack of leadership and attention is desperately needed. Their lack of action speaks louder than the promises.

I hope that Steve Mostyn will continue to see that others are treated as well as the wife and me.
— Donald Evans, Willis, Texas

Myself and my wife thought we had received all we were entitled to through our adjuster and contractor. We saw the Mostyn Law Firm advertisement, so we called them. We are so pleased that we did.

The Mostyn Law Firm found out just how much Foremost Insurance cheated us out of! We had no idea what our rights were or who to trust. The insurance company refused to compensate us for the patio door damage, siding, gutters, etc. They expect their premiums on time and paid up, but do not return our calls for help in an expedient manner after Hurricane Ike.

We are very satisfied with our recovery through the Mostyn Law Firm.
— John and Pam Woods, Missouri City, Texas

We are very appreciative of the work of Mostyn Law Firm in representing us in a claim against Texas Windstorm Insurance Association for damage to our Tiki Island home.
— Elinor and Martin Colman, Galveston, Texas
Mostyn Law Firm worked to get me the settlement that I was entitled to. As a homeowner, I’ve always made sure that my property was insured so that in the event of a natural disaster, I would be covered and taken care of by my insurance company. However, after Hurricane Ike, I was not compensated enough by my insurance company to completely repair my home to its condition prior to the storm.

The attorneys at Mostyn Law firm worked diligently until my case was settled!!! They were very professional and prompt with my case. Not only was I awarded enough to completely repair my home, I also received more than enough to pay for additional home improvements. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm!!!!
— Lee Williams, Rosharon, TX

Quiero agradecer a la firma de abogados Mostyn por el execlente trabajo que realizaron sobre la demanda que llevaron sobre el Huracan Ike. Y que la aseguranza nuestra no quizo hacerse cargo de los daños y ahora podemos decir gracias porque obtuymos el dinero para hacer las reparaciones de la casa. Gracias Mostyn Law Firm.

I would like to thank the Mostyn Law Firm for the excellent job done on the lawsuit regarding Hurricane Ike, as our insurance did not want to take care of the damages, and now we can say thanks because we have money to make the repairs to our home.
— Mario Irias and Ismenia Roque, Deer Park, Texas

Gracias por su trabajo estamos de acuerdo con la resolucion del caso fue mejor de lo que esperabamos.

Thank you very much for your hard work. We agree with the resolution of our case. It was more than what we expected.
— Rosa Rosales and Lino Rosales, Houston, TX

I called Mostyn Law Firm because ZC Sterling would not talk to me anymore after they gave me $8,900. I had to go in my pocket to pay for the roof damage. I saw Mostyn Law Firm on t.v. and saw they were the answer. My insurance company gave me the runaround. Mostyn Law Firm treated me well. I'm happy with my settlement. Thank you Mostyn Law Firm.
— Sherman Hunter, Houston, Texas
Thank you so much for your successful representation of us and our interests in the Hurricane Ike damage to our property in Brazoria County. We appreciate your dedicated perseverance and focus in achieving a settlement in our favor.
— Macario and Chrissie Ramirez, Houston, Texas
Dear Mr. Mostyn and Firm, Thank you for helping us in our disaster from Hurricane Ike. Some of us lost so much from the storm and our homes need repairs and most of us can’t afford to repair our homes. Thank you again Mr. Mostyn and Firm.

P.S. Your firm took a Big Burden off my mind. I am and senior. God bless you and the firm. Thank you.
— Nora Fuselier, Crosby, TX

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